The Moon World - Part 1: The Darkness Unleashed

The newest cosmic adventure since the Cosmic Crystals Tetralogy! Wario and Waluigi visit the Star World, and then darkness breaks loose.

I apologize for some graphical errors that you might notice. It got corrupted and I had to finish it in a newer version of the Sony Vegas Pro.

Music Used:

Bowser's Space Station - Mario Party 9
Koopa Tutorials M&L Superstar Saga
Booster - Super Mario RPG
Go Mario Go! - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Inhaling the World (Panic) - M&L Bowser's Inside Story
Unused Map Music - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Gobblegut Boss Battle - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Koopa Village - Paper Mario
Fawful's Stronghold (Inside Bowser) - M&L Bowser's Inside Story
Boss Blitz Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Space Junk Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy (Starman3's Remix)
Desert Castle - Chameleon Land
Star Maze - Super Mario Land 2 (Starman3's Remix)
Bowser - M&L Bowser's Inside Story
Legend of Zelda Dungeon (Remix by Enzo)
Boss Battle - Pokemon Typing DS
Level Start - Mario Clash
Minigame - M&L Bowser's Inside Story"

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